Associating services to Custom Application Proxy Groups in SharePoint 2010

Wictor Wilen wrote a nice article about giving pretty names to custom Application proxy groups in SharePoint.
After giving custom names to your custom application groups you would need an extra step to associate service application proxies to your newly created custom application groups. To take Wictor Wilen’s article on to the next level I decided to write about this additional step that you would require setup your application proxy group for adding service associations.

If you have noticed that after running the command New-SPServiceApplicationProxyGroup the new group doesn’t show any check boxes checked for any of the existing services see the image below.

Configure Service App Association

So to associated service application to your custom named Application proxy group you would need to run additional PowerShell commands called Add-SPServiceApplicationProxyGroupMember

First get the GUID of the service application that you want to associate with your custom application proxy group. Run the Get-SPServiceApplicationProxy command in the PowerShell window.


Add the proxy group member for the custom application group by running the following command
Add-SPServiceApplicationProxyGroupMember Extranet –Member 4a689711-5208-49b4-a735-fd0605e756df

And now you will see the application proxy group is associated with service.

Configure Service App Member Associated

Similarly you can use Remove-SPServiceApplicationProxyGroupMember command to remove service associations from the custom proxy group.

Happy Coding!